Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to please your girlfriend in bed?

1) Most people like you and ask “feels good to you?” And similar questions several times, the most serious question in the world. “You come from?” Why so insecure about your friend or not if it please?
2) Boys also tend to ask women to change their position or do something, instead of telling women who are or just where it should be.
3) 90% of men who are now focused on a woman’s pleasure. They want to make sure you have an orgasm because they think they are great lovers say. This is not how to please your girlfriend, why would you do in bed (no pun intended), and you’ll learn why later …
Have you ever felt should be done in bed? Always had trouble getting up because you felt too much pressure to please a woman in bed?
Do not lie now, be honest: Are you saving yourself for not know how to please your girlfriend in bed!
# 1 because of the feeling of anxiety in the bed so that they focus on pleasure and if you do it correctly. That’s when you think too much. Stop thinking too much and enjoy!
Three mistakes in his bed and told me that before they can be summarized in one sentence: do not try to get approval from a woman in bed. It seems that your time off BIG. If you want to know how to please his girlfriend in bed, he knows it like shit!
Do not ask anything and tell women what to do in bed. Damn, not even physically tell them where they belong. Want a different position? Take your hand and put a scare in this position!
Why is this one of the best things to see if you want to know how to please your girlfriend?
Women want to meet and date “real” men dominant non-approval applications, insurance …
And if you want, and appointments, they really want in bed. Women do not want a wussy in bed again. They want a man in the street and a beast in bed, as we want a lady in the street and a freak in bed …
So if you want to know how to please his girlfriend in bed?
- Do not Ask, Do not
- Do not focus on her pleasure (too)
- Do not think about sex or during sex, you like the damn time
Doing these three simple things and know what is the first step to please his girlfriend in bed. Damn, is the first step to having sex, as porn star!
And YES! He said the first step, because there’s more …

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